Thursday, November 9, 2017

Helloooooo hiiiiii. Omg i swear it has been a while since i didn't blogging. Who's gonna freaking read this anyway ha ha ha. So how you guys doing? *typical blogger* . I am doing very good but this lately.... idk. I get annoyed in everything around me. Sometimes i feel like i just want to be alone. You know, like change my phone number, delete all my socmeds and meet new people. I want to start everything all over again. fuck me right?

By the way, bej it's already freaking November ! I realized it after my cousin announced in our group family like "i'm getting married on November guys!" I mean like you know, one of  my childhood partner is getting married.

                                                         (The one that wear all black)

Anyway, congratulation cousin ! I'm happy for you.

Whatever it is, i just registered MUET  last week. I mean like BARU NAK AMBIK KE? All my friends dah nak masuk sem 3 do hahaha. What's the worse thing than tak dapat sambung degree? Hahahaha. I'm hoping for Uitm but kalau tak dapat pun tak apalah sambung Iukl je. Sis redho. I'll just let the things flow. gitewwww. I dont know. I always figure out what's gonna happen in my future almost like every night.